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Casino Chair Massage: BlackJack and Table Games $2.00 per/minute Poker Rooms and Racetracks $1.00 per/minute




Since its founding, Winners Massage has worked tirelessly to assist casinos in furthering the development of player productivity, specifically placing an emphasis on how to further enhance a players experience. Thus keeping patrons gambling longer periods of time and more frequently. As Winners Massage focuses on helping casinos to expound upon their branding, Winners Massage has streamlined the ability to INCREASE a casinos bottom line substantially. The findings of this presentation outline substantial increase in profit based upon the implementation of Massage Therapy in Casinos offered by an outside vendor. It is the ongoing pursuit of Winners Massage to objectively ensure that Casinos not only attract but retain patrons, one massage at a time. By focusing on the number of hands played within an hour and the frequency in which a patron visits a casino, this research will help you to definitively understand the economic impact massage therapy has on the casino.


Massage therapy single-handedly improves concentration of the mind. In addition to, massage therapy alleviates stress and tension. Gaming patrons tend to accumulate a great deal of stress in their necks and shoulders as a result of their continued and detailed concentration on the game at hand. As games continue into the early morning at times, as patrons remain seated for long periods of times this creates egregious physical conditions for the patron. Such conditions not only cause stress and tension but mental fatigue and physical exhaustion. Massage therapy gives way to all of the aforementioned symptoms above. How does this affect your bottom line? More time on the table and more frequent visits!